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207 Elson St
Markham, ON, L3S

Outerwear and bag company made in Canada for men and women. Vintage uniforms are reinterpreted and fused with utilitarian innovative design details, that evolve from one season to the next.  Classic silhouettes are modernized in pursuit of acknowledging the thoughts and aspirations of the contemporary man and woman. 


Krane Design designs many collections including Krane Man, Krane Woman, Krane Bag, and Krane Small Leather Goods.  Currently Krane operates on a two season calendar per year schedule: Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer.  The Krane Man and Krane Woman  outerwear collections are most prominent during the Autumn/Winter seasons, with the Krane Bag and Krane Small leather Goods collections peaking in both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons.