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Outerwear and bag company made in Canada for men and women. Vintage uniforms are reinterpreted and fused with utilitarian innovative design details, that evolve from one season to the next.  Classic silhouettes are modernized in pursuit of acknowledging the thoughts and aspirations of the contemporary man and woman. 


Krane Happenings, inspiration and style bites from design director and Designer Ken Chow


Behind The Scenes Suit Bag Custom Order for Artist Alex Mcleod

ken chow

Recently I was commissioned by Artist Alex Mcleod to design a suit bag for his active travelling lifestyle.  He wanted something rugged and functional and classic in aesthetic, but also very modern.  This was a fun custom order, especially since I had been meaning to add this silhouette to the collection for some time.  

Alex gave me a list of his specifications, including brass hardware and a tan theme.  See images below highlighting key steps in the making of Alex's bag.  If you have a custom bag in mind, or modifications on current styles for yourself, I would love to hear from you.  Email and someone will get back to you with further details.


The proposal for approval.


This suit bag has a folding and hanging design component to it, so metal and fibre glass  bars are required to give it a solid structure.  These are all hand cut and drilled to specs.


Process continues with pattern drafting and cutting of shell and lining materials.

suit_pattern draft cut.jpg

Hand stitching of handles and hardware straps proceeds, and then tooling of handles and hardware straps is knocked off the list


And finally raw seams are hand bound.  


Time for the big flip!


final rivet zipper puller details are hand pressed.


And done!  Final product is ready to ship out!