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Outerwear and bag company made in Canada for men and women. Vintage uniforms are reinterpreted and fused with utilitarian innovative design details, that evolve from one season to the next.  Classic silhouettes are modernized in pursuit of acknowledging the thoughts and aspirations of the contemporary man and woman. 


Krane Happenings, inspiration and style bites from design director and Designer Ken Chow


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ken chow

Everyone knows that a good leather jacket is a necessity in every man/woman's wardrobe.  The search for the perfect one is not the easiest task.  With so many options out there, you may easily get overwhelmed.  The hefty price tag for a solid leather jacket can also easily make you want to postpone making such a purchase.

Introducing Krane Man Custom.  The Krane Design aesthetic serves you quality on-trend items with just enough detailing to make you feel like an individual, yet not over that point where you feel like an outsider.  You are part of the pack, yet you still have your own unique voice.  And the best part, reasonable custom pricing for your needs.

See below for images of a custom GIL biker jacket that was made for a private customer.  We met at the Krane shop with @TorontoDesignersMarket.  The Krane man in the past was a medium to large customer, but he was a smaller-frame body type.  I suggested a custom order for him, and we later met for a fitting and confirmed colour ways and other details.   

Email if you would like to get yours started today.  You have many wants and desires.  At Krane Design we can customize and cater to all this, uniquely for you.