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Outerwear and bag company made in Canada for men and women. Vintage uniforms are reinterpreted and fused with utilitarian innovative design details, that evolve from one season to the next.  Classic silhouettes are modernized in pursuit of acknowledging the thoughts and aspirations of the contemporary man and woman. 


Krane Happenings, inspiration and style bites from design director and Designer Ken Chow


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ken chow

The sun has finally arrived and it looks like blue skies and hot summer days are finally here to stay.  Thank you Mother Nature. 


Now that your waxed cotton winter outerwear is being swapped for tank tops and T's, your winter waxed cotton outerwear is probably stored at the back of your closet.  Before it goes away into hibernation, here are a few little tips that can help you extend the wear of your waxed cotton pieces.


It is good practice to keep your pieces clean and free of bacteria and dirt.  There are varying degrees to caring for your pieces.  


Degree 1:

If your waxed cotton coat is a newer piece (i.e. you purchased it this past AW season), it is probably in good condition and free from irremovable stains.

If this is the case, you'll be happy to know that waxed cotton likes to sunbathe in the sun.  The heat from the sun will serve as a disinfectant to bacteria and dirt accumulated over the AW season.  Simply lay your piece flat on a clean surface in the sun (2-3 hours on back, 2-3 hours on front).  Follow this sunbathing session with a 2-3 hour session inside at room temperature before hanging it back up in your closet.


Degree 2:

If you've had your piece for more than one season, it might be advisable to do some pressure washing of your coat with the garden hose.  Make sure to pay close attention along inner sleeve seams, as this area can accumulate the most dirt because it is the most abrasive.  Hang your garment in a well-ventilated room overnight upon cleaning.  Proceed with sunbathing session as described in Degree 1, the following day.


Degree 3:

If you notice visible stains, you might need to use a gentle detergent and spot wash the concentrated area with a lint-free cloth.  Upon spot washing, pressure-wash the entire coat with the garden hose.  Since you are cleaning the shell, it is advisable to flip the coat inside out, and give it spray-over with a liquid detergent and hose off.  Proceed with allowing coat to dry overnight in well-ventillated area.  Because the coat was exposed to detergent, the final step would be to reproof the entire garment after cleaning.



Be sure that the garment is clean and dry. Lay it on a flat surface and apply the wax sparingly with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. Try using a hair dryer to warm the wax on the cloth and on the garment as you apply it. This will make the application easier and more uniform. Spread the wax evenly, working it into the fabric in a circular motion. Do not coat the surface too thickly or it will not be able to absorb it all. Seams and worn areas will require more wax. Wipe off excess wax and hang garment to dry overnight in a well-ventilated area.

The next day, spread out any excess oil not absorbed. Apply more wax to areas that still appear shiny or dry.  Proceed with a sunbathing session as described in Degree 1.


We do offer a cleaning and reproofing program.  Email to inquire about pricing and the process. 

K by Krane gets Refocussed and Recharged

ken chow

The system is in a state of change.  As a result, Krane is adapting and here is the new direction for the brand.

K by Krane was initially introduced as Krane's younger brother, to offer products to a younger consumer.  Listening to the fans, I've noticed that "younger" goes deeper than a bolder more vibrant aesthetic.  

Much like the dynamic between your friends you choose to surround yourself with, K by Krane has been affected by the aesthetic and core values of the Krane brand. You'll notice a more energetic youthful energy infused into the Krane brand (which was influenced by K).  The flipside is that K by Krane has also done some growing up (influenced by Krane).

At the end of the day, price is very important to you the consumer.  You'll notice that Krane's prices have been priced friendlier than in the past, and this new chapter of K by Krane will continue to come at you with essential items that are even friendlier in price, with a greater focus on the utilitarian qualities of Krane.  

Here's the first style from the new chapter of K by Krane.  Everyone needs a good tote for Spring.  Hope you go totes cray for this new LEMUEL essential tote.  New silhouettes to be announced.


Shop the LEMUEL here

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